What you can expect when the Project Safe Thrift Store reopens May 16th

  1. Fewer Staff

Please have patience with our staff as we are limiting the number of people in our store at one time, including staff and volunteers.

2. New Donation Procedures

When you arrive with a donation, make sure your donation is boxed or bagged. A staff member will be at the door to guide you where to take your donation.

3. Change in Hours

The Thrift Store will be open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 12pm-6pm to the general public.

4. Social Distancing

To accommodate social distancing, there will be a limited number of customers in the store. While thrift store shopping can be a treasure hunt for the perfect item, Project Safe staff will limit each customer's treasure hunt to 30-45 minutes.

5. Protective Measures

Our staff will wear face masks and have a protective, Plexiglas shield by the register. They also have hand sanitizer available to prevent the spread of germs. We encourage everyone who visits the store to take the same precautions to keep our customers and staff safe!